Hear it From Donnie Simpson

Free Hair Care Seminar

Saturday, September 8, 2018 4pm-8pm

Discuss a holistic approach to hair growth, loc maintenance, weaves, wigs and natural hair care.  Individual hair care consultation appointments available.

Barry's best selling book, "Why Are Black Women Losing Their Hair" will be available for purchase.  All attendees will receive a complimentary Holistic Hair Egg Creme product and 50% off any purchase of other products!

The Hair Palace Salon

900 Enterprise Road

Mitchellville, MD

301 710-5566

Featured Products

New products are coming soon!

The coffee table book of monthly political poems chronicling the TWO TREMENDOUS TERMS of President Obama’s Presidency.  96 poems and 96 pictures following the President of the United States as he leads the country.

This is a must read! Archive the unprecedented historic accomplishments of the first Black President; it is treasured memorabilia and a momentous keepsake that your family will cherish for generations to come.

In “Two Tremendous Terms,” Barry Fletcher chronicles the President’s accomplishments and the hate and racial bias leveraged against him from 2008-2016. Fletcher, with passion and brutal honesty uncovers this unfair treatment during his Presidency, despite his efforts to make this country a more perfect union.

This book was written creatively about the struggles and achievements of the First Black President of the United States in a poetic cadence.

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