Sharmia Barnes

I met you long ago @ A For Sistas Only Event in Charlotte, NC. Long story short, I used a couple of your products and loved them! One was a creme moisturizer and an oil sheen. Your products were wonderful on my hair. I wore relaxed hair then…BUT now, I’m all natural…You were very nice, personable, humble, & down to earth. I never forgot that. Didn’t mean to write a book. God Bless in all of your future endeavors.  

Debora L. Clemmons

Thank you for supplying us with your amazing Hair Care Products. I use your locking serum (diluted) for my wet sets, and since my hair is wavy it helps keep curls for weeks at a time. After 2 wks I have to wash them out. Usually every other week I re-set. My hairstylist Michelle Phillips uses it with her others patrons now. They love the lasting effect it has on their curls. My Sorority Sisters love my curls & I’m always pushing your products. 

Shirley A Harper

The majority of my life, I’ve had problems with hair loss. I started wearing a wig in the fall. Hair Zen master Barry Fletcher started treating my hair in a way tailored for my texture. By spring, I stopped wearing the wig. My self-confidence improved and my family and friends tell me I look younger.

Evangelist Juanita Bynum

For 13 years I was a hair stylist. My specialty was cutting hair. I learned to cut hair from an Italian guy. I traveled around withhim (as a mentee) for about 2 years and watched him cut hair while I was still a student. I serviced a Multicultural clientele. That was my specialty in the early 80s – a time when not many African Americans were into cutting hair. And (hairicon) Barry Fletcher, I really admired his work. I thought he was an amazing stylist!

Monique Rolle

The twist like this is by far my favorite Barry Fletcher product. My hair is in its natural state and I used to search and search for something to slick my hair back for buns or pony tails. This stuff is amazing. Unlike other hair products it contains no water so you don’t have to worry about flyaways and your hair not laying down because it is reacting to water. I have used this product about four years now and it still does the job. It’s all natural which proves the point that you don’t have to used alcohol to hold the hair. Great product!  

Lori Perkins

I had the pleasure of meeting you at the recent Atlanta’s Bronner Bros. show. You took the time to educate me a little about hair, relaxer and your products. I was convinced about buying a few things because you focus on moisture. Before I left your booth we shook hands and I was empowered and knew that I would begin using your products. Since the show, I have been using Mean Protein, Revitalizing Conditioner, Grease and Glo N Grow. I am highly pleased. Needless to say, I am ordering a new line of your products, and will begin to retail as well. As a stylist, I thank God for your vision of hair care products that really work. I am looking forward to one day meeting you again during future events. I appreciate YOU!!! 



 I had a really wonderful experience at The Palace Salon with Barry Fletcher! Going in I was really anxious about what to expect as I knew my hair had been tortured over the past year and wasn’t sure if it was salvageable. Barry took the time to listen to me about what I’d actually been doing to my hair myself and my at least biweekly visits to Dominican stylist for a roller set followed by a red hot session under a hood dryer topped off with a steaming hot blow dry and roller brush blowout. Hey, it may work for some, but my fragile hair and tender scalp began to rebel in the worst way with non stop hair shedding and tender to the touch scalp soreness. The breakage was pronounced and in places I hadn’t even realized until Barry began parting through it to show me. After his examination, Barry comforted me by explaining the texture/type of my hair and that the damage was reversible. From that point, he proceeded to provide me the most gentle product treatments and handling of my hair and head than I have ever experienced. I usually ask a ton of questions when receiving any kind of salon service …”What’s that do? What’s that for?…What are you going to do now?…” But, not this time. Which means I must have quickly developed a trust relationship based on our interaction. In the end my hair actually looked longer than before and that’s after an extensive trim, which goes to show how getting to healthy hair is key. The style Barry chose for me was complimentary and conservative – so he sized me up well too. He asked my interest in products as we settled up and I opted for his Book “Why Are Black Women Losing Their Hair” expressly because he was so knowledgeable. Barry gifted me with a product he felt helpful in my hair maintenance. Barry is a gentleman and a hair genius who worked his magic on me and I’m hooked…Christa Jones — I recently experienced an serious outbreak in my scalp and following doctor’s orders I could not get a relaxer nor could I get my hair braided for 8 weeks. I was so happy when the doctor finally gave me the green light to get a relaxer. I called a local stylist and told her about my scalp condition. I set up an appointment with her that day. She looked at my scalp and took me to her bowl. She used the Cool Stimulating Shampoo on my head and it felt wonderful! She proceeded to use the revitalizing conditioner as well. My scalp felt so good. She wrapped my head with your wrap foam and the moisturizing glo cream. While I sat under the dryer I read your book about black women and their hair. It was so insightful and it showed me how to take care of my hair in between visits. When she finished I felt like a million bucks! And I am pleased to say that my hair has grown 4 inches, my hair is fuller and healthier, it’s not greasy. The biggest test is that I am now “seen”. I used to be invisible. When I walked down the street no one paid attention to me. Now people are smiling at me, men are approaching me! Who knew self-esteem was attached to my hair!!! Thank you for this wonderful gift! 

LaToria Bolling

I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” Barry Fletcher for providing such wonderful products that’s important to “hair care”. I started using your products about three years ago and I can definitely see the difference in my hair such as the texture, the feel and how long my hair styles last when I use your products, 90% of the products I use on my hair now are your products, I also take them to hairdresser with me. I’m in my mid-40’s and my dermatalogist told me I was thinning in the center of my head and around my edges. I started using your product “Root Therapy”, I now have hair where there used to be bald spots. I tell everyone that I know about your products. Again “Thank You” for all that you do in the interest of HAIR CARE. 

Jacqueline Jones

I enjoyed your show and the information you shared with your guest. I have admired and followed your work since cosmetology school. Thank you for taking the time to speak and write on healthy hair care. It is so needed and as it stands you are the only person to step up and do what is needed. 

Cynthia Coward

I used Barry Fletcher Products this weekend and it made my hair feel so good. I read the hair book and I was really into the book so I went out and bought the product and I love it! The next day I came to work and everybody is talking about how good my hair looks. I never knew how to wrap hair but after reading the book I wrapped my hair and got so many responses from people. I told everyone that I used Barry Fletcher Products and now they all want to try it. 

T. Gibson, Personal Touch Salon

The products were excellent and I really loved the book “Hair Is Sexual”. It really gave me a different feel and outlook on hair. I not only found a better product with the Protection base and the relaxer but the Twist Like This and Loc Set Serum were amazingly awesome! Now I can order everything from one company and not one product here and there. Thanks to Michael for everything that you did to make my order successful and for making me feel confident in doing business with Barry Fletcher’s Company. 

M. Denise Gardner

I received your information from a member at church and her hair is greatly gorgeous! I have your web site information and I will be placing my order for my next touch up kit. In the meantime, I am going to order the Herbal Grease to begin until my next relaxer is due. You are a Gift from God and I thank God for the wisdom he has imparted unto you to help Woman with our hair! Thank you and much love and success!