World-Class Hair Designer/Author, CEO

Barry Fletcher is the most sought after educator and competitor in the African American hair-care industry, not only for his creative artistry, but for his unique formulations of products and extensive knowledge of hair care.

During his 30 years as a hairstylist, Mr. Fletcher has displayed his artistry from the runway in New York City where he won a Rolls Royce and drove it home; to a stadium in London England where he represented United States as a member of the USA Hair Olympic team, competing against 35 countries. 

Gracing the covers of Essence magazine, Barry has cut and styled his way to the top. He has artistically waved his magic wands over the heads of Tina Turner, Dr. Maya Angelou, Senator Carol Mosely-Braun, Toni Braxton, Chaka Khan, Eartha Kitt, Halle Berry, Mary J., Sugar Ray, Prince, Super Model Iman, Mia and many more.

Fletcher has treated the spectrum of emergency beauty ailments, chronic hair abuse, habitual scalp battering, chemically dependent perm disorders and tortured tresses syndrome. In 1997 the National Beauty Culturists League presented Fletcher with an honorary doctorate for his innovative educational methods and dedication to the industry.

Mr. Fletcher has formulated an organically inspired hair-care system “Moisture Therapy” designed to enhance the strength, moisture and growth of your hair. Fletcher is seeking investors or manufacturing partners to launch a new retail line “Holistic Hair Care”.

His best-selling book “WHY ARE BLACK WOMEN LOSING THEIR HAIR?” is a must-read for every black family. This book will help you establish a relationship with your hair; it’s the one & only complete guide to healthy hair. “HAIR IS SEXUAL” the second book explaining how hair got its sexual connotation. Book three “LEARN A MAN EARN A MAN” a relationship book that offers sharp advice to women; and the most recent book, “FIRST TERM” 2008-2012 Monthly political poetic chronicle of the first black president.

Fletcher owns and operates The Hair Palace Salon in Mitchellville MD; he’s the only African American hairdresser in the country with a full line of hair-care products for women of color. Mr. Fletcher is also a song writer/piano player.