Why Are Black Women Losing Their Hair


Black women struggle with the health and well-being of their hair and are searching for answers to their problems. Never before has anyone laid out a complete guide to educate the consumer about proper hair-care regimentation. “Why Are Black Women Losing Their Hair?” is the first complete guide to healthy hair. 

Barack Obama's Two Tremendous Terms


The coffee table book of monthly political poems chronicling the TWO TREMENDOUS TERMS of President Obama’s Presidency. Archive the unprecedented historic accomplishments of the first Black President. Barry Fletcher chronicles the President’s accomplishments and the hate and racial bias leveraged against him from 2008-2016. Fletcher, with passion and brutal honesty uncovers this unfair treatment during his Presidency, despite his efforts to make this country a more perfect union.

Learn A Man Earn A Man


Sharp Advice For Women! Learn his heart, earn his commitment. The mysteries of how men think. Husband, lover or friend with benefits? Since 1940 women have outnumbered men in the United States and there’s no telling what kinds of insecurities men are dealing with these days. It’s going to take a little effort from you.

Severence DVD


This wig cutting DVD will teach you techniques of Severance using a 7″ inch shear and a Surface Shavor (razor comb). Create a convertible texture that will allow the hair to move from day to evening. 

Sexy Curvacious Styling DVD


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